Welcome to Passerine Press!

We are a family-run micro-press. We specialize in individually designed postcards that combine text and visual media.

These postcards are hard copy and meant for mailing.

We look forward to producing a variety of collage styles on our postcards, according to the visions of the artists and writers who are part of this endeavor. We also stand ready to help with any graphic design work or text editing that our contributors might require. This is meant to be collaborative.

We are so pleased to be launching Passerine Press at this time. This project was born in and of the COVID-19 Pandemic. It is a quiet thing, but important. It provides an opportunity to reach out, to remember and be remembered. Write a message on a postcard, address it, stick a stamp on it, and drop it in the mail. These small, methodical and concrete steps. This little ritual. You are thinking of someone, and that someone will soon be thinking of you. It is a small gesture, this reaching out. But it is a tangible connector when we are in such need of tangible connection. It is something to hold. A bird in the hand. It is a “Wish you were here.”

Nancy Dunlop, Editor-in-Chief

Steve Gilhooley, Business Manager, Principal Designer

passerine (pas’-e-rin) adj.
Pertaining to or designating birds of the order Passeriforms, such as the jays, blackbirds, finches, warblers, sparrows, and wrens. More than half of all known birds belong to this order, including all the songbirds.