About Us

We are a husband and wife team, married for 15 years. Passerine Press brings together the skills we’ve developed individually: Writing, Printing, and Graphic Design.

We live together in a little brown ranch house hugged by white pine, oak, maple, beech, juniper and birch. Perches for many passerine and their cousins from other bird orders. If the trees hug the house, the birds hug even tighter. Sparrows pop up in a bunch from the hedges under our windows, juncos rustle in the snow on our door sill, and wrens nest in the old Christmas wreath on our front door. Once they even flew in when our pizza was delivered. They stayed inside, flying from lampshades to kitchen cabinets to radiators, with seemingly no intention of flying out again. They seemed happy. They didn’t know they were in a house. We were just part of their habitat.

We share our world openly with the birds. We invite you to join us.

–Nancy Dunlop and Steve Gilhooley



Nancy Dunlop lives in Upstate New York with her husband Steve Gilhooley. She received her Ph.D. from the University at Albany, SUNY, where she taught for 20 years. She is curator of Wren, an international e-forum for women in the arts. A finalist in the AWP Intro Journal Awards, she has been published in print and digital journals including Swank, Truck, The Little Magazine, Writing on the Edge, 13th Moon, and Writers Resist Anthology. Her work has also been heard on NPR.


Principal Designer

Steve Gilhooley is President and CEO of Gilhooley Designs LTD, a family-owned printing business, in operation since 1952. Gilhooley Designs is a mainstay of the Capital Region of New York and has a reputation for fine quality products and hands-on assistance with most printing and graphic design needs from digital to offset to screen printing. Steve has also been a professional bass player for over 50 years, playing with some of the region’s top bands, including Urban Gumbo, Band of Gold and The Sharks.

Special Thanks to Mary Collett, a Bristol-based artist and printmaker, who graciously allowed us to use her linoprint of a squawking wren as part of the Passerine Press Banner and logo. You can find more of Mary’s work at http://www.linoprints.co.uk.