What is a Passerine Postcard?

A Passerine Postcard is a custom work of art, which is intended for mailing and other forms of hardcopy distribution.  It measures 8.5 x 5.5 inches.  The front contains the artwork.  The back is that of a basic postcard, with an area to write a message and an area for an address and stamp(s).   

I want to create a Passerine Postcard.  What are the requirements?

The main requirement is that the work integrates visual art and text. The art informs the text.  The text informs the art.  Both are combined to create a whole.  We accept ideas that range from ekphrastic poetry all the way to mixed-media collage and asemic writing. 

If you’re intrigued and want more guidance, use the portal on this website to contact us, and we can help you form an idea.

What do Passerine Postcards cost?

If you submit a Postcard for production by Passerine Press and it is accepted, the prices for your cards, once completed and boxed, is as follows: 

100 cards for $127.00

500 cards for $219.00

250 cards for $169.00

This price includes consultation, design work, printing costs, and up to three proofs for drafting and edits.  

How are Postcards distributed?

If you have submitted a card for production, Passerine Press assumes you have a mailing list of recipients. It is not hard to make a mailing list, and if you need assistance, the Press can help you with strategies for pulling a list together relatively quickly.  You would be surprised at how your list can grow!

In addition, Passerine Press has a mailing list of happy recipients who will receive your Postcard.